Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Make Exciting Birth Announcements

You've just brought home your cute new baby and the next step let the world know about the your new baby. The best way to accomplish this is by using baby birth announcements. These announcements will ensure everyone gets the message and also gives you the chance to show off your baby's very first pictures. You want the announcement to be as cute as the baby, so here are effective tips to guide you in finding the best baby birth announcements.

Ask For Proofs

Decide whether the announcement will include the baby's photo. In some cases, parents may not want to include a photo. This could be because the baby is too premature or too ill to handle several photos. At times, it may just be the parents' preference. However, other parents must include photos in their announcements. Whichever your option, knowing what you want will help you in your search.

Before placing an order with any company, ensure it offers a proof. The proof will allow you to have a preview of the way your announcement will appear before it is printed. This is extremely crucial because most printers may not reprint announcements or offer refunds if there is a mistake on the printouts. However, the proof will allow you to discover any possible problems.

Pick Your Theme

Decide on the kind of announcement theme you prefer. Perhaps, you would like an announcement that will reflect the baby's hobbies or one with baby themes such as carriages or baby feet. Perhaps you do not want any theme, but just a certain color. Several options are available and it is up to you to choose what suits your taste.

Don’t Forget Your Budget

Have your budget in mind. Ensure you not only know the number of cards you will require but also your own budget. Printed announcements come with different costs. Depending on your budget, you may go for low-priced non-photo cards, multi-photo or highly edited baby birth announcements.

Do not put off the ordering process. With all the exuberance surrounding you bouncing baby girl or boy, you can easily postpone ordering the announcements. After finding the ones you prefer, order them without further delay. If you do not do this, you may be late and instead send out their first birthday invitations.

Select Your Format

Decide whether you would like to send the photo quality announcement, a cardstock announcement or a magnetic birth announcement. All these three are fabulous. Photo announcements are excellent, especially with quality photo printing. Cardstock is a conventional card material for printing on most invitations. Conversely, magnets have the glossiness that makes them suit any form of announcement. The other benefit of magnetic birth announcements is that you can easily place them on a fridge.
After sending in the best photo, leave the cropping of the image to the experts. In case you do not want any cropping of the image, clarify it when ordering. Remember, the announcement will be better if you use a higher photo quality.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Enlist for assistance. This is one the busiest moments in your life. Do not hesitate to request a family member or friend to help you in addressing the many envelopes. With these tips, you will come up with exciting baby birth announcements.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Amazing Wedding Proposal!

So you may or may not be like me, but I sometimes get lost in land of YouTube wedding proposal videos. Here is one of my current favorites - what do you think?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrate the Season With Christmas Cards

A Christmas card is our personal message to people who make Christmas worth a huge celebration. It is a means of expressing our gratitude to those who go out of their way to make life more meaningful and complete. And then, a festival shared is a festival truly celebrated. Contemporary markets offer a world of beautifully designed Christmas cards that reflect the season in all its fervor and joy.

The Fairytale World of Christmas Cards 

Be it the unique designer Christmas cards, customized ones to fit in your preferences and messages, e-cards or others, there is an unending range to choose from. The season's favorite characters like the snowman, reindeer and Santa adorn the cards in addition to bells, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, candles, mistletoe, flowers etc. The wonderful splash of deep rich colors would brighten any corner of the house apart from displaying heartfelt wishes.

You can also pick the personalized photo Christmas card option with numerous backgrounds and stunning designs. Such cards are not only simple to create but are refreshingly different with your pictures turning them into memories forever. Have your card reflect a collage holiday or share a picture with Santa Claus, showcase priceless moments from the year gone by or just have a picture of yourself amidst the snowflakes, this Christmas card will stand tall and proud amongst friends and family. The technology of today redefines creativity and Christmas cards have never been better. With Antique lettering to go with your photo card, it would be a memento of sorts.

The entire range of modern or classic Christmas cards just takes your breath away. Gold and silver foil creations, embossed lettering, inventive use of ribbons, wraps and pockets and other suchlike features almost take you to a fairyland world.

Cards exchanged on Christmas represent a tradition, which when followed makes one feel blessed and complete. Conveying sentiments and feelings this way can sometimes iron out bitterness in relations and pave way for better times to come. Sometimes, a card can say what you can't; working like a magic potion and making miracles happen. These cards are an opportunity to make things right and add a whole new dimension to the celebration we all look forward to.

There are various categories of Christmas cards like the Romantic cards, Religious ones, Humorous cards, Business greetings, Family cards and the like. There is a card for everyone, so go all out and make the most of it.

Capture the festivity of Christmas through Christmas cards and air your love and feelings for those who matter and make your world a better place. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas is Around the Corner

The spirit of Christmas fills every heart with cheer, hope and brightness. This is that special time of the year when we wish our near and dear ones, the very best. Christmas cards add a special touch of warmth to our wishes and become souvenirs of times well spent. The wishes they carry remind us of those who love and care for us and the bond only grows stronger.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Almost November, What Does that Mean?

So, if you are oblivious like me sometimes to even what day it is or even sometimes what month then you may not realize that it is almost November. You may be thinking "So what, who cares", well if you love winter as much as I do you will be excited for all the winter weddings that are about to happen. I love seeing all the wedding pictures with snow and ice sculptures that are actually outside (and stay frozen).

Not only are a lot of weddings going to happen this winter, I believe a lot of engagements will happen around Christmas this year (just like all previous years :) )!!! All the romance sparks around the holidays and lives are changed forever. It is a constant reminder that no matter what is going on throughout the world, Love can flourish.